Window and Door Styles

Vertical Opening

Vertical opening windows have a stationary upper and lower sash that opens by sliding upwards, with the help of a spring-assisted mechanism that’s hidden from view. The lower sash may also be tilted inward from the frame for easy cleaning.

Sashes may be equal in height, as pictured here, or unequal if you prefer.  Sashes may be ordered without internal grids (left), with Colonial grids (middle), or with Prairie-style grids (right). Grids may be specified for both sashes, lower sash only, or upper sash only.


Deremer Studios Photography for Dostie Homes

Deremer Studios Photography for Dostie Homes

Horizontal Slider

horizontal-slider-nogrid-whitetxtHorizontal sliders have two or three sashes aligned horizontally, with side-to-side sliding in one or two of the sashes. Sashes may be equal in width, or not, as you prefer. Often two opening sashes are placed on either side of a wider center sash that is fixed.

Horizontal sliders may be ordered without internal grids or with either Colonial or Prairie-style grids.


Fixed Glass Windows

Radius Windows

Radius window shapes include half-circles, full circles, quarter-circles, ellipticals, and ovals. They may be installed as stand-alone windows or paired with other windows; as eyebrow, for example.

Radius windows may be ordered without internal grids (left), with Sunburst (middle), Gothic (right), radial spokes, or double Sunburst (not depicted).



Deremer Studios Photography for Dostie Homes

Geometric Windows


Geometric windows may be custom ordered in a variety of shapes, such as: triangles, octagons, trapezoids, pentagons, and others. Any of these shapes be installed as stand-alone

windows or stacked over over windows or doors. They may be ordered plain, as shown here, or with a variety of internal grid styles.


picture-windows-whitetxtPicture Windows

These non-opening windows are available in various-sized squares or rectangles and may be used alone or combined with other windows. They may be ordered without internal grids, or with a variety of grid styles.


Features & Options

Standard features on all Eagle View Windows

  • Vinyl frame and sashes made tough and solid with a uPVC compound
  • Fusion-welded sashes and mainframe for added strength and rigidity
  • Multi-chambered sash and mainframe for superior thermal efficiency
  • Duralite Spacers, a superior insulating glass edge seal system
  • Interlock at sash meeting rails creating a super-tight seal against air infiltration while adding security
  • Fully extruded lift rails providing strength and stability for easy operation
  • Constant force balance system eliminating sash cords, weights and pulleys
  • Tilt-in bottom sashes making cleaning safe and easy from inside the home

Options that are available to enhance your windows

  • Sound transmission rated windows
  • High performance Low E glass
  • Obscure glass
  • White, tan, or bronze exterior/white interior
  • Half cut fiberglass screens providing ventilation while keeping insects out
  • Grids between the glass (GBG) for easy cleaning
  • Surface divided lite (SDL) Grids
  • Argon gas filled within the two panes of glass