Eagle View Windows and Doors was established in 2013 with two critical philosophies.

First, a strong belief that there was a significant need for quality manufacturing jobs in Northeast Florida that would allow dedicated hard working individuals to engage in a quality career where they could earn substantially higher wages coupled with Fortune 500 type benefits.  This opportunity would provide our employees, most of whom are high school graduates generally under employed, an opportunity to learn marketable skills, build a career, advance their education without cost, secure top quality benefits for virtually no cost, and thus begin the journey of participating in the American Dream of enjoying a “good life” with their family, friends  and their employer.

Second, a sense that there was an opportunity to disrupt the window and door market by providing top quality windows and doors at a very competitive cost.  Generally most home builders, commercial developers and window and door distributors have found themselves facing a serious dilemma, to be competitive they were consistently forced to purchase a low quality product to keep costs down or dramatically increase costs to secure a top quality window or door.  Our commitment was to disrupt the status quo by developing vinyl windows and doors that greatly exceeded the acceptable standard at a cost competitive with the low quality products that dominated our market.

We are proud to state that we have successfully merged these two critical philosophies into a vibrant growing company that serves the needs of the employees through a great career, high quality wages, and superior benefits while meeting the needs of our customers through top quality windows and doors at price points typically associated with much lower quality products.

Eagle View Windows and Doors, an American Dream for employees, customers and the community!!